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Our objective

At Rijk Zwaan our primary objective is to offer employees an enjoyable and long-term job with attractive pay and conditions. In our family-run company, everyone is given the freedom to demonstrate their entrepreneurial spirit. The working atmosphere is inspiring and informal. The typical Rijk Zwaan employee demonstrates engagement, loyalty and team spirit.

The story of Rijk Zwaan

'Natural growth by seizing opportunities'

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International and dynamic

Rijk Zwaan is a vegetable breeding company. We develop new vegetable varieties and sell the seeds produced from them. We make use of the rich diversity nature offers us, combined with our extensive knowledge of the global vegetable market and high-tech research. Vegetable breeding is a very international sector, characterised by a large number of different business processes. The vegetable market is in a constant state of flux, and working with a natural product presents extra challenges in terms of research, development and logistics.

A permanent contract from the start

We are convinced of the benefits of long-term employment relationships, both for our organisation and for employees themselves. Once we are sure that you are the right person for the job, we give you a permanent contract as soon as you join us. Our rapidly expanding company offers you plenty of opportunities to progress and to work on your personal development. We provide numerous options for training and learning through our RZ Academy. And even if you have international ambitions, you’ve come to the right place at Rijk Zwaan.

World player

Rijk Zwaan is number 5 in the global market for vegetable seeds. Our motivated workforce combined with ongoing investment in research and development make us a healthy company. We are aware that our position in society brings with it a certain responsibility. In collaboration with our partners, we strive to actively contribute to supplying the world with food and to increasing vegetable consumption.

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One worldwide family

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