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Internship “Efficient solution for WGS variant calls at Rijk Zwaan”

Are you creative and clever to work on genotype query of large scale WGS variant calls? If so apply for this vacancy for Joint internship in bioinformatics at Rijkzwaan at our office in Fijnaart.

The internship “Efficient solution for WGS variant calls at Rijk Zwaan”

The throughput of genome sequencing in the last two decades increased exponentially due to the large decrease of sequencing cost for example a single human individual decreased from over 1 billion to about 1 thousand dollars. The famous initiatives, like the 1000 Genomes Project (Sudmant et al., 2015) or the 100,000 Genomes Project (The 100,000 Genomes Project, 2017), deliver VCF files for thousands of samples.  The variant call format (VCF) files of the human haplotype reference consortium consist of 64,976 haplotypes at about 39.2 million SNPs and occupy 4.3 TB. VCF files contain a list of variants in a collection of genomes as well as evidence of presence of a reference/non-reference allele at each specific variant position in each genome. It is necessary to fast query such large datasets which need the efficient storage as the prerequisite. In this project, the candidate will compare several existing tools like GQT, seqArray, BGT, GTC, etc. and implement one solution for the current Variant Browser used in Rijkzwaan. 

We are seeking a trainee internship in bioinformatics at Rijkzwaan with:

  • Currently following a university of applied sciences (“hogeschool”) or a university student at least at BSc level with bioinformatics or computer science background
  • Starting from September 2018 or later
  • 6 months
The candidate will be sufficiently skilled in, or ready to learn quickly about:
  • Linux environments and command-line operations
  • Scripting languages (e.g. python) and their dependencies (e.g. packages)
  • Other programming language (preferably C, C++)
  • Tools for containers
  • NGS data formats (e.g. VCF files, FASTA files)


Simply click on 'Apply' to apply directly.

We strive to respond to you within 2 weeks of receiving your application. If we see opportunities, we will arrange an interview for you with an internship supervisor. We will also discuss your internship allowance during this interview.

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