TechnoHouse on(line) Tour | Digital Twins

  • 15 October 2020

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At Rijk Zwaan we are continuously looking for not only new and improved vegetable varieties, but also optimal growing conditions. This enables us to continue to offer our customers – from growers to retailers – vegetables with the desired traits. New technologies, including Digital Twins, offer groundbreaking opportunities.

Digital Twins: Breeding inspired by Formula 1

Simulation models are extremely important for the innovations that take place in Formula 1. During a race, hundreds of sensors gather data as input for the simulation models. The lifelike simulations enable the cars to be tested in many different environmental conditions. At Rijk Zwaan, we are trying to achieve the same thing in our research and breeding. By using all kinds of sensors to measure plants and the environment, we develop simulation models that we can use to subsequently analyse a plant’s traits. This enables us to make more accurate predictions about how new vegetable variety crossings are likely to perform.

Sharing TechKnow, pitch your idea to our experts!

This online event features a live roundtable discussion with three experts. They firstly explain more about their work and research focus in a short video, before discussing the subject in more depth under the guidance of host and technological entrepreneur Marelle van Beerschoten. Additionally, as a participant, you have a unique opportunity to pitch your Digital Twin-related knowledge or idea to the experts for one minute during the live broadcast! This stimulates knowledge sharing and interesting discussions, plus you can gain valuable feedback. The experts will announce the TechKnow winner afterwards.

Gert Kootstra

Researcher Computer Vision & Robotics

“The Digital Twin is the next step we need to take to better understand genotype and environmental phenotype interactions”

Grégoire Hummel

CEO Phenospex

“Digital Twins will revolutionise the way we grow crops today. The resulting tools will enable growers to make data-driven decisions, increase their profitability and make agriculture more sustainable”

Ben Scheres

Research Manager Rijk Zwaan

“We want to understand even better how plants grow, and it is becoming very important to simulate these processes on a computer to make predictions”

TechnoHouse on(line) Tour

Practical information

  • Date & time: Thursday 15 October 4-5.30 PM CET 
  • Who: Professionals and students with a technical background
  • Location: Digital via Webex Events
  • The event will be held in English
  • Please indicate your questions and input on the registration form.
  • If you wish, you can also indicate which idea you want to pitch to the experts!

Are you interested? If so, register now. A group of enthusiastic participants will be selected from all the applications received. Ultimately, 8 October we will inform you about this.

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