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Cloud solutions strengthen international collaboration

The development of new vegetable varieties is Rijk Zwaan’s core activity. With a head office in the Netherlands supporting over 30 subsidiaries, cloud technology is

All IT disciplines in-house

As one of the major players in the global vegetable seed market, international collaboration and innovation are essential to our success. From research and breeding to the production and sale of vegetable seeds from our new and innovative vegetable varieties, IT is indispensable at all stages of the process – and we have all the necessary IT in-house.   

John  –  Cloud Engineer

“When I first started at Rijk Zwaan I didn’t realise how big the company really is, but I soon discovered just how much we do in terms of IT. One example is cloud technology, which I’m currently implementing in many areas of the company, such as authentication and integration solutions in Azure. I also love the enterprising and experimental culture here. We don’t sit back and relax when we’ve completed a project – far from it! That’s how we keep the cloud solutions aligned with our internal processes.”

Cloud technology helps us to achieve our goals

Our research and breeding work is being conducted on an increasingly international level, and data-driven decision-making is gaining in importance too. We need cloud technology to transform the ever-growing volumes of data into useful information.

Sander  –  Project Advisor

“On average, it takes between six and 16 years to breed a new vegetable variety. This process can be accelerated by using data analysis and artificial intelligence applications such as machine learning. IT supports the breeding process and shortens the time to market. We need cloud solutions in order to offer scalable IT services across our 100-plus locations worldwide.”

Cloud technology speeds up innovation

Cloud technology enables us to share data faster and more efficiently, such as when forwarding drone-captured images of a trial field containing new lettuce varieties in Australia. Selectors, breeders and data analysts at our Research & Innovation facility in Fijnaart can then immediately use the images in their work. Data on things like sunlight, rainfall and temperature enables us to analyse the results of new vegetable varieties. Thanks to cloud technology, we can pool our R&D strengths and therefore work together to achieve our goal: to provide high-quality vegetable seeds to our customers in order to contribute to the world’s food supply. 

Mike  –  Coordinator Digital Crop Technology

“IT is really part of our company. We’re looking for colleagues who are enthusiastic and would like to learn more about our processes. You take the lead based on your knowledge; that’s how you add value.”

Making a difference

Rijk Zwaan is seeking enterprising IT professionals. Do you enjoy investigating, experimenting and tackling complex challenges? And are you interested in finding out more about our internal processes? If so, you’ve come to the right place!