We have many different types of positions. There is a good chance something matches your profile. Discover the opportunities.

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If you are a Assistant Crop Maintenance or Legal Counsel. Software Developer or Operator. At Rijk Zwaan we have a lot of different positions in place. On this page we highlight some workfields. Read below more about Technology and Internships & Traineeships. 


New technologies offer groundbreaking opportunities for horticulture and vegetable breeding. Are you curious to know what new technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, software development have to do with horticulture? Discover TechnoHouse. This serie of events is all about sharing knowledge, networking and sparking interest of technical professionals and students into the world of vegetable breeding and horticulture.

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Internships and Traineeships

Are you looking for an internship? Or interested in a unique 9-year traineeship? Rijk Zwaan has many options!

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