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Working together to ensure a healthy future

With 3900 colleagues worldwide, every day we put 100% into the development of new vegetable varieties.

Excellent results are achieved with a collaborative approach

A great deal of knowledge and expertise is required to make new vegetable varieties. Our Rijk Zwaan colleagues  work closely together to support our breeding programmes and innovation projects. We continue the same collaborative approach  with our external partners. We cooperate with research institutes and universities, growers, salad processors and retail, who share our values and ambition,  of sharing a healthy future.

Technological innovation speeds up breeding

Breeding is a continuous search for the ideal variety. With the assistance of new technologies we can accelerate the process. Digital phenotyping is an example of this, which we apply in our melon breeding programmes.

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Production planning of seeds requires precision

Vegetable seeds are a natural product, that are produced under stringent conditions with extensive quality controls. We plan carefully, so that we can deliver the seeds to our customers on time.

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Building on a sustainable future together

Rijk Zwaan focuses on continuity in the long term. Sustainability has therefore been in our genes for decades. This theme is increasing attention worldwide and offers us more opportunities to work together on healthy vegetables.

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