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Building on a sustainable future together

Rijk Zwaan focuses on continuity in the long term. Sustainability has therefore been in our genes for decades. This theme is increasing attention worldwide and offer

The world is changing: the population is growing along with the demand for healthy and sustainable food. Innovative solutions and products are required to respond to these changes. Our work is  based on the principle that people take centre stage.

Alev  –  Advisor Human Resources

“In Rijk Zwaan’s policy, people take centre stage. For example, we offer all employees a permanent contract from the start. This offers the employee certainty, but also strengthens their sense of commitment. We enable people to develop innovative and creative ideas and products. You could say that Rijk Zwaan's success is the shared responsibility of us all. Our colleagues help shape the choices of the management board.”

Concern for the environment

In a policy that prioritises people, it is logical that we are concerned about the environment in which we operate. Through our activities and the products we bring to the market, we contribute as much as possible. The number of strong, resistant (organic) vegetable varieties that Rijk Zwaan sells is growing steadily.

Heleen  –  Marketing Specialist Organics

“We have been operating in the organic seeds market for over ten years. Here one of our focuses is on small unpacked, organic vegetables. The smaller, organically grown and unpacked vegetables are embraced by one and two person households wanting to waste less food. Another interesting innovation for organic farming is a new cucumber whose dark, thick skin has longer keeping qualities. Packing is therefore no longer necessary.”

Shelf life

Less food waste, is a concern in  our society. At Rijk Zwaan, we see this too. We continually explore how we can improve the shelf life of vegetables. As vegetables stay fresh longer, the amount of waste is reduced. We can feed more mouths with the same production, and also reduce energy consumption that is required to grow and transport vegetables.

Nikos  –  Researcher Postharvest Physiology

“At Rijk Zwaan, we developed an innovative trait in lettuce. With this trait, the cut edges of lettuce do not pink so quickly, and lettuce can be kept for at least an extra two days. We are also investigating how different packaging materials affect the shelf life. It is great to see that my research into improved shelf life has a direct connection with issues including the world's food supply problem.”

Whether you are a Researcher, Marketing Specialist or HR Advisor. Together, all Rijk Zwaan colleagues use their unique expertise to contribute to a sustainable, healthy future.