Data Driven Growing

In high- tech vegetable production, sensors can monitor the needs of the plants in real time, 24/7. The data can be used to minimise the use of resources such as water and soil, and maximise crop yields. How far does the technology go?

During the 3rd edition of the TechnoHouse on(line) Tour series on 27 May 2021 we dived into the depths of 'Data Driven Growing'. During the online roundtable discussion, live from our Research & Breeding location in Fijnaart, experts discussed the topic under guidance of host Milou Turpijn. 

Making data driven growing decisions

Vegetable production increasingly requires continuous crop monitoring. Modern systems can monitor the needs of the plants in real time, 24/7. The technology offers many advantages for growers on a daily basis, since it supports decision-making about actions such as irrigation, screening and ventilation. Perhaps even more importantly, it helps them to make more accurate predictions relating to yields, harvesting periods and labour planning, for example. So how can sensor data and plant image analytics be used to optimise crop management? What are the benefits in vegetable production, and what steps do we need to take as the horticultural sector? Questions that will be discussed during TechnoHouse on(line) Tour. 

Our experts

This TechnoHouse on(line) Tour edition experts Mirjam Bekker (Product Owner 30MHz), Maikel van den Berg (Co-owner MR Seeds) and Mike Poodt (Consultant Digital Crop Technology at Rijk Zwaan) discussed challenges and opportunities of data driven growing. 

“Data in itself is interesting, but what you really need are actual data driven insights to make growing decisions."

Mirjam Bekker

Product Owner 30MHz

“Data is not only valid for making growing decisions, but it is also part of the feedback loop to validate growing decisions and optimise processes."

Mike Poodt

Consultant Digital Crop Technology at Rijk Zwaan

“Growing crops to feed the world is a dynamic business, in which technology and horticulture really come together!”

Maikel van den Berg

Co-owner MR Seeds


Are you curious what Mirjam Bekker (30MHz) and Mike Poodt (Rijk Zwaan) told during the event? Watch the following videos: 


People are key in making technology a success. This infographic shows the main outcomes of TechnoHouse on(line) Tour 'Data Driven Growing'. 

TechnoHouse on(line) Tour 3rd edition Infographic