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Digital Services

From Research & Breeding, Production & Supply to the (online) sales of vegetable seeds: every business process requires specific custom-made software, applications a

The 2nd edition of our TechnoHouse on(line) Tour series on 11 March 2021 was all about 'Digital Services'. During the roundtable discussion experts shared how software development and data analytics techniques contribute to improved vegetable varieties and better customer relations. 

Digital transformation to optimise services

In a growing market and increasingly digital world, it is becoming ever-more important to gather data. But data is only useful if it can be converted into relevant insights about customer behaviour or the performance of business processes, for instance. At Rijk Zwaan we thrive on complex challenges and love experimenting with and applying new technologies such as design thinking, modern architecture and smart tooling. As a result, our partners can rely on the newest digital services to help them get the very best out of our vegetable seeds. Whether in research, breeding, production, supply or sales, technology supports our company in providing relevant and personal services to our partners and customers worldwide.

Our experts

Willard van der Leest (E-commerce Specialist at Rijk Zwaan), Rogier de Graaf (Business Lead Makerstreet) and Robert Rooderkerk (Associate Professor of Operations Management at the Erasmus University of Rotterdam) shared their expertise during TechnoHouse on(line) Tour. 

Willard van der Leest  –  E-commerce Specialist at Rijk Zwaan

“Technology and data will enable us to offer a relevant and personalised experience to all of our customers around the globe”

Rogier de Graaf  –  Business Lead Makerstreet

“The world is becoming more and more digital, and therefore companies are too. It is important to deliver the right value through software – either for companies’ internal processes or in contact with customers”

Robert Rooderkerk  –  Associate Professor of Operations Management

“The debate often centres around technology and data collection, whereas data only becomes useful after it is converted into insights”

Expert videos

Watch the following event videos in which Robert Rooderkerk and Willard van der Leest share their experience: 


What was the event all about? This infographic captures the main outcomes of the event: 
Infographic_Technohouse_Digital_Services 11 maart