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The software connection

At Rijk Zwaan we develop customised software specifically for our internal processes. Improving. Fine-tuning. Learning. And growing as a team.

Software development supports faster innovation

Rijk Zwaan is an internationally active vegetable breeding company. We develop new vegetable varieties and sell the seeds we produce from them worldwide. We’re currently ranked number four in the global market. Each year, we invest around 30% of our revenue back into R&D, and we’re continuously improving our IT too.


Sem  –  Specialist Software Development

"Rijk Zwaan's core business is R&D. How nice it is then that we build our own digital solutions that connect directly to our business processes. In doing so, we invest heavily in new technology such as the Lowcode platform OutSystems. We have a huge application landscape and work on various custom projects, so you quickly get to know many colleagues. So I build directly for my own colleagues, the lines of communication are short, and that works motivating!"

Jaspert  –  Data Engineer

“What I like about working at Rijk Zwaan is that I’m contributing to something tangible. It’s about new vegetable varieties and ultimately about better-quality food. We’re currently gathering both internal and external data on our new Azure data platform. Growers send us sensor data: information from inside their greenhouses about things like temperature, sunlight and how much water they’ve given the plants. It’s our goal to use these data sources to conduct more advanced analysis so that we can further improve the planning and predictability of our seed production.”

Jan-Cees  –  Project Advisor

“We develop a lot of software ourselves within our company. Rijk Zwaan has a flat hierarchy. I regularly have contact with other departments – from research and breeding all the way through to sales and marketing. We work in line with agile principles: start small and rapidly deliver software that’s immediately used in everyday situations. We then improve the software based on the end-user feedback. We never lose sight of the goal. Customised software is different every time, which keeps the work nice and challenging!”

Taking time for complexity

Quality can’t be rushed, which is why we take our time when tackling complex IT challenges. We work together on innovations and software solutions. That’s how we use software to connect our internal processes.