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Technology meets horticulture during our TechnoHouse events.

New technologies offer groundbreaking opportunities for horticulture and vegetable breeding. Are you curious to know what new technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, software development have to do with horticulture? Discover TechnoHouse. This serie of events is all about sharing knowledge, networking and sparking interest of technical professionals and students into the world of vegetable breeding and horticulture.

Technology In-House Festival

During our first TechnoHouse edition on 2 November 2019, various Rijk Zwaan experts shared their knowledge on topics such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, remote sensing and digital phenotyping with around 80 enthusiastic technical professionals and students. Jim Stolze, tech entrepreneur, hosted the event. This In-House Festival was a great opportunity for networking, and it marks the start of our TechnoHouse on(line) Tour serie. 

The TechnoHouse on(line) Tour serie in 2020 and 2021 was based around a specific technology-related topic. In each edition of this online series, three experts went into more depth about a revolutionary technology and how it can be used in the horticultural sector. 

Digital Twins

Simulation models help to make more accurate predictions about how new vegetable variety crossings are likely to perform. Discover how simulation models can contribute to ongoing innovations in vegetable breeding.

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Digital Services

From Research & Breeding, Production & Supply to the (online) sales of vegetable seeds: every business process requires specific custom-made software, applications and frameworks. Find out how these developments contribute to new varieties.

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Data Driven Growing

In high- tech vegetable production, sensors can monitor the needs of the plants in real time, 24/7. The data can be used to minimise the use of resources such as water and soil, and maximise crop yields. How far does the technology go?

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Taking time for complexity

At Rijk Zwaan we love complex challenges and experimenting with and applying new technologies such as design thinking, modern architecture and smart tooling. Quality can’t be rushed, which is why we take our time when tackling complex IT challenges.